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How To Apply For A Position

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1. Download the relevant information

This is listed with each position and includes a job description, selection criteria, applicant details form and other information on the working conditions at Canberra Theatre Centre. These documents are available on the careers page or by emailing the appropriate person listed in your selected job.

2. Write your application

As an applicant for a position you will need to be able to demonstrate to the Delegate and the Selection Advisory Committee that you are able to satisfy the requirements of the position. In order to do this you will need to address the Selection Criteria.

Before you apply for the job, read the position description carefully. It describes the duties and requirements of the position and has the selection criteria. The selection criteria are the essential skill requirements for the job. They outline the knowledge, skills, experience and personal qualities that you need to be successful in your application.

How you meet the selection criteria:
Answering the selection criteria thoroughly in your application is vital. This is because short listing for interviews is based on how well your application demonstrates your ability to meet each of the selection criteria.

In your application you should answer each of the selection criteria in turn, keeping in mind the duties of the position as you do so. Set out your application by listing each selection criterion and writing your relevant skills and experience underneath. In your answer you should:

  1. Show clearly that you understand what the selection criterion is asking of you.
  2. Give examples of how you have used that skill/knowledge in your previous jobs.
  3. If possible, give an example of how you would use that skill/knowledge in the position you are applying for.

All essential selection criteria are equally important, unless the role statement says otherwise.
Remember to be brief – you should write no more than a half to one page for each criteria. Use active language in your application. For example, ‘I implemented a system…. ’; not ‘A system was implemented…’. If the selection criteria lists a skill as being “preferred but not essential” and you don’t possess that skill, give an example of how you are able to quickly acquire new skills or list similar skills you do possess.

You should include the following in your job application:

  • a covering letter
  • details of two referees, preferably a current supervisor, together with contact telephone numbers
  • details of relevant employment history and work experience
  • your response to EACH selection criteria, and
  • a completed applicant details form.

3. Lodging your application

Please forward one copy of your application to the Human Resource Officer.

By email
: trudy.collins@act.gov.au

By fax
: (02) 6243 3973

By hand:
Trudy Collins
Finance Section
Canberra Museum & Gallery
Civic Square
London Circuit
Canberra City ACT 2601

By mail:
Canberra Theatre Centre
PO Box 226

Your application should reach this office by the stated closing date. If you are unable to meet this deadline, it is necessary for you to obtain approval to submit a late application from the Contact Officer for the vacancy. The Selection Advisory Committee is not obliged to accept a late application, particularly given that it intends to shortlist immediately following the closing of applications.

Please do not enclose original references or qualification documentation with your application.

4. What happens next?

The Selection Advisory Committee will prepare a shortlist of applicants, based on those who demonstrate the strongest claims against the selection criteria.

  • if you are selected for interview, you will be contacted to confirm the time, date and venue of interview and whether oral or written referee reports will be required;
  • if you are selected for an interview, you should indicate if any special arrangements are needed, such as an interpreter or assistance with access to the building;
  • the most efficient applicant, based on the Selection Advisory Committee’s assessment of each applicant’s skills, abilities and qualifications will be recommended to the delegate for the position; and
  • following approval, all applicants will be notified of the results of their application.