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Canberra Theatre Centre is very conscious of its role within the broader community. From actively enticing works to the Centre to enrich the cultural life of the community to dedicated programs aiding access, here is short summary of how the Centre plays its role.

Presenting shows

The Canberra Theatre Centre actively works to ensure a diverse and accessible program is available to the Canberra Community in their premier venue. Over half the performances in the Centre are by local groups. The Centre also actively works with commercial hirers to ensure that work of substance comes to Canberra. If it were not for these efforts the cultural life of the nation’s capital would be dramatically reduced.

Access and special assistance

Canberra Theatre Centre offers a wide range of access and special assistance initiatives for theatre patrons including audio described and live captioned performances, FM Radio hearing assistance loops, mobility assistance and special seating requests. And of course concession prices are available for most shows on sale. Click here to find out more.

Music at Midday

Canberra Theatre Centre together with the Royal Military College Band host Music at Midday concerts six times a year, with proceeds supporting many local charities. This program is our primary fundraising and community support activity. Thank you for submitting your applications – charity applications for 2024 have now closed.

Social capital program

The Canberra Theatre Centre believes that people from all walks of life should be able to experience great theatre. Through the support of the Canberra Labor Club Group, the Centre purchases tickets to a range of shows on at the Centre and distributes these to preferred charities to distribute to those they support.

Children and education

Through our groups booking service we aim to assist teachers as much as possible with the organising of their school visit in order to expose students to valuable performing arts experiences. And of course the scheduling of school holiday entertainment extends these learning opportunities outside of school into an environment that parents and children can learn and be entertained together.

Under 30 prices

Canberra Theatre Centre understands that many young people have trouble finding the money to see great theatre. Many are still studying, working part time or are just entering the workforce. Realising that the young people of today are the cultural and community leaders of tomorrow, the Centre aims to provide a special Under 30 prices to shows it presents and encourages venue hirers to do the same. Look for Under 30 prices advertised with individual events.