Planning Your Excursion

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What should we wear?

Neat casual dress, including footwear is required at all times.

How early should we get there?

The doors into the auditorium will open 20 minutes prior to the performance. We recommend that you arrive at least half an hour before the advertised start time in order to locate your seats and make use of the venue’s facilities. For larger school groups (20+), we recommend an arrival time of 45 minutes prior to the advertised start time.

Where does the bus drop us/collect us?

At the front of Civic Square, between the Legislative Assembly and the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG).

When can we park?

If students coming to the theatre are arriving by private car, we suggest the car parks on either side of Canberra Theatre or The Playhouse. Please bring lots of change as parking is expensive and the parking inspectors are vigilant. Disabled parking is located at the rear of The Link foyer and in both car parks.

Will we get individual tickets?

No, the Front of House staff (ushers) will have a seating plan, and seat your school in accordance to this and direct you to the entrance door and your seats.

What do we do with my coats and bags?

Keeping large items with you in the theatre can create enormous problems for anybody trying to get past you on their way to or from their seat. In the dark, this can be a serious safety hazard. A free cloaking service is provided to look after your items. Sometimes it is easier to leave things in the Foyer where Canberra Theatre staff will keep an eye on them until you come out of the theatre.

What if we’re late for the show?

Where possible, Canberra Theatre Centre will endeavour to accommodate your group, and will admit them to the auditorium at a suitable break in the performance. Some productions do not allow entry once the performance starts. Seating groups larger than 20 people will not be possible once the performance has started. The best advice: Arrive early.

What if an incident occurs on the day of the show, and we will not be attending?

We appreciate that the unforeseen can sometimes occur. In the event of an incident, please contact Stephen Olah at Canberra Ticketing (02) 6290 9307. Where possible, we will try to accommodate the group at another performance. Unfortunately, ticket refunds are not possible. Event Insurance can also be purchased from Canberra Ticketing, which may cover you against vehicle breakdowns, sudden illness or accidents en route to the theatre. Please contact Canberra Ticketing for more information.

Where can the students eat lunch or snack?

Water in plastic containers are permitted in the auditorium. All other food and drink must remain in your bag. If there is room, packed lunches and snacks can be consumed in the foyer areas. Weather permitting, packed lunches can be consumed on the steps leading up to the theatre or in Civic Square.

Will it be cold/hot in the auditorium?

The Canberra Theatre Centre venues are air conditioned, so temperatures inside should be pleasant regardless of the weather outside. Teachers should feel free to report any concerns to front of house staff who will investigate.

Will there be… stage smoke/flashing lights/loud explosions/strong language?

We know some patrons may wish to avoid productions with such content for personal, moral or health reasons. Canberra Theatre Centre makes every effort to communicate the presence of such experiences through its marketing campaigns, website information and at the time of booking at the Box Office. If you have any concerns, please always be sure to ask when booking your ticket.

What about age appropriateness?

Canberra Theatre Centre endeavours to ensure the correct year group suitability has been indicated on the marketing material. Where this does not appear, it is important to note that unlike movies, theatrical performances do not generally have imposed age limits for adult content. It is up to the teacher to make judgements about the age appropriateness of a show for their children. Usually a show’s advertisements or flyers will give an indication and more detail is usually provided on the website, again however if you have any particular concerns please ask at the time of booking.

What if my students greatly disrupt the performance?

We understand that, for some, the theatre is an unusual environment, and for first-time attendees, their reaction can be a little more vocal. We want to encourage their participation in and enjoyment of the experience, however, behaviour intended to disrupt the production will not be tolerated. This can include heckling the performers or laughing and calling out in inappropriate places. In extreme cases of disruption, the student will be asked to leave the auditorium (with a teacher/guardian) and will not be permitted to return for the remainder of the production. In this case, tickets will not be refunded.

Click here to view our Theatre Etiquette Guidelines.

What if I or one of my students loses something at the theatre?

Call the Front of House Manager on (02) 6243 5739. If they’re not in, please leave a detailed message with your name, contact details, description of the item lost, the show and session you were seeing and your seat number. They will investigate and get back to you.

Useful Contacts

Canberra Ticketing Manager
Fran Tapia
P: (02) 6290 9377

Canberra Ticketing Coordinator
Stephen Olah
P: (02) 6290 9307

Education Officers
Karla Conway
P: (02) 6243 5704

Peter Van Rijswik
P: (02) 6243 5700