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Welcome to our Secondary Season for 2018

In 2018 we encourage you to join us in our new DISCOVERY AND LEARNING program at Canberra Theatre Centre. We are proud to present a range of shows and education programs for young people, emerging artists and teachers.

The theatre experience offers so many opportunities to facilitate student learning for the 21st century – an approach which draws on learning across the KLAs to make authentic links with real life examples, excite the senses and ignite the imagination.

By connecting with Canberra Theatre Centre’s Education Program, you have the opportunity to offer your students so much more than appreciating live performance. The live theatre experience encourages critical thinking, provides interdisciplinary learning opportunities, sparks creativity, builds empathy and raises ethical questions leading to personal growth.  You present them with the chance to explore the world through a range of perspectives.  

The work selected, is a broad range of stimulating productions that connect with the Australian Curriculum and speak to various key learning areas such as the Arts, English, Science, Religious Education, Humanities and Social Sciences as well as Health and Physical Education – there is something for everyone! We are redesigning our webpage to include resources that we will update during the year and you will find relevant curriculum links and teaching ideas to engage your students. We encourage you and your students to attend the schools matinee but make sure your check out the evening performances at student prices.

It is our mission to make these experiences accessible, diverse and engaging, and to reach far beyond the theatre.

The power of the arts is heightened when students engage actively with concepts and themes above and beyond their experience in the auditorium, so be sure to explore the exciting opportunities for:

  • Workshops
  • Pre-show discussions and post-show Q & As
  • Interactive Backstage Tours including STEM Theatre Tours – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths used in making theatre.
  • Teacher Professional Learning sessions
  • Work Experience
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) in partnership with Canberra Institute of Technology delivering a Certificate III in Live Production and Services.

You can act now and register for the ACT Up! – Student Fringe Festival on 5 and 6 June 2018 by registering your group now

Finally, we are pleased to continue our close engagement with you, the teachers, through our Teachers Reference Group and Forums. We want to hear directly from you about how we can shape the program to be an effective and enriching value-add to your teaching programs. If you would like to be involved in the reference group, be sure to get in contact!

We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

KARLA CONWAY and PETER VAN RIJSWIJK Canberra Theatre Centre Education Office

2018 at a glance



Date Week Time School Performance Evening Performance Venue
22 – 24 Feb       MASTERCLASS PH
Thurs 15 Mar 6 11:00am OEDIPUS SCHMOEDIPUS   PH
Thurs 22 Mar 7 2:00pm – 4:00pm CLASS CLOWNS


Thurs 22 Mar 7 5:00pm CLASS CLOWNS


Thurs 5 Apr 9 1:00pm JUNK   PH
Fri 6 Apr 9 10:00am & 1:15pm JUNK   PH
Wed 11 Apr 10 1:00pm A TOWN NAMED WARBOY   CYS
Thurs 12 Apr 10 10:00am & 1:00pm A TOWN NAMED WARBOY   CYS
Fri 13 Apr 10 10:00am & 1:00pm A TOWN NAMED WARBOY   CYS
13 – 21 Apr       ANTONY & CLEOPATRA PH



Date` Week Time School Performance Evening Performance Venue
9 -12 May       THE BLEEDING TREE PH
Wed 16 May 3 11:00am QUIET FAITH   CYS
Thurs 17 May 3 11:00am QUIET FAITH   CYS
Fri 18 May 3 11:00am QUIET FAITH   CYS
Fri 1 June 5 11:00am SENSE AND SENSIBILTY   PH
Tues 5 June 6   ACT UP STUDENT FRINGE   Various/PH
Wed 6 June 6   ACT UP STUDENT FRINGE   Various/PH



Date Week Time School Performance Evening Performance Venue
4 -14 Jul       SWITZERLAND CYS
26 -28 Jul       DARK EMU CT
Fri 10 Aug 3 10:30am QL2: TWO ZERO   PH
16 -19 Aug       CALAMITY JANE PH
Thurs 13 Sept 8 11:30am FADING   CYS
Fri 14 Sept 8 11:30am FADING   CYS
13 – 15 Sept       THE SEASON PH



Date Week Time School Performance Evening Performance Venue
Wed 17 Oct 1 11:00am JULIUS CAESAR   PH
12 -20 Oct       JULIUS CAESAR PH


Planning Your Excursion

Location: We are located at Civic Square, London Circuit, Canberra City 2601.

Parking: Coaches and buses can park at the front of Civic Square, between the Legislative Assembly and the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG). Smaller buses, vans and private cars can use public metered parking on either side of the theatre.

Arrive Early: We recommend you arrive at least half an hour before the advertised performance start time in order to locate your seats and make use of the venue’s facilities. Schools will be seated in order of arrival. Latecomers should call Front of

House on 6275 2700. We will endeavour admit your group into the auditorium at a suitable break in the performance but in some cases this may not be an option.

School Bags: School bags are not permitted in the auditorium. A free cloaking service is provided to look after your items, but it is much easier if large items such as school bags are left on the bus.

Lunch: Food and drink are permitted in the foyers but cannot be consumed in the auditorium. Packed lunches can be consumed on the steps leading up to the theatre, in Civic Square, or down at Glebe Park.



CTC makes every effort to communicate performance warnings through marketing, website information and at the time of booking at Box Office. Unlike movies, theatrical performances do not have imposed age limits for adult content. It is up to the teacher to make judgements about age appropriateness.

If you have any concerns, please ask at the time of booking.

Risk Assessment: A risk management document can be accessed on the School Bookings page at


Contact the CTC Education Team on 02 6243 5704 or email