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The Canberra Arts scene is rich with innovative, game-changing theatre makers experimenting with big ideas and pushing the limits of traditional theatre forms – it is the most exciting City of Ideas and your students are the new generation of theatre-makers in the making!

ACTING UP 2017 will present a two-week program of original 10 minute performances about the world we live in – created by you! Your artists will generate ideas based on how they view the world and their place in it. The pieces should reflect ideas they care deeply about, connect with a contemporary audience and above all, make for an inspiring night in the theatre!

In 2017, immerse your students in an experimental performance laboratory, testing ideas and combining different contemporary artforms and conventions to shepherd in a new wave of young, independent theatre-makers.

Make us laugh, cry, protest, celebrate, think, rebel, change or jump for joy! The most important objective with whatever you create, is to make it relevant and make us care.

The most compelling performances will be invited to return for a Gala showcase on Tuesday 6 June 2017.

To register for Acting Up please email:

25 May–30 May 2017, Courtyard Studio

7pm, Tuesday 6 June, The Playhouse

Weeks 5–7, Term 2

Years 9–12 / Students / Ensembles / Emerging artists



Leading up to this festival workshops will be scheduled for both students and teachers that will focus on the tips and tricks to writing an evocative story, directing and stage management.