ACT Up Student Fringe

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In 2019, ACT UP! STUDENT FRINGE will take on a theme for the first time: TIME’S UP

Time’s Up on what?? What is it that Generation Z has no time for anymore? What attitudes or practices of the past will you no longer accept? The clock is ticking and this generation will call time’s up on whatever you feel compelled to address – this is your festival, your voice, your platform – you are putting the older generations on notice – let the countdown begin!

ACT UP! STUDENT FRINGE is a two-day fringe festival of eclectic original performances about the world we live in – created by you! Young artists will generate ideas based on how they view the world and their place in it. The pieces should reflect ideas they care deeply about, connect with a contemporary audience and above all, make for an inspiring audience experience!

Make us laugh, cry, protest, celebrate, think, rebel, change or jump for joy! The most important objective with whatever you create, is to make it relevant and make us care.


4 June

Week 6, Term 2

Years 8 – 12 | Students in Drama|Music|Dance|English |Media|Visual Arts | Circus


Theatre (10 minute plays) | Music | Dance | Spoken Word | Film | Circus | Visual Art | Busking

Performance Art | Comedy | Cross-Disciplinary | or just get on your Soapbox!

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