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Canberra Theatre Centre is dedicated to education by allowing students the opportunity to take advantage of the performing arts experience. We believe that performing arts are important for students of all ages because they are media that can be used to encourage creative imagination and inform and educate on many themes and issues in a fun and entertaining way. Canberra Theatre Centre’s aim is to make it easy for teachers to organise excursions to attend educational performances in order to expose students to valuable performing arts experiences.

Here is some information to help you with your next excursion to Canberra Theatre Centre:

Making a school booking
Payment information
Resource material: education kits
Helpful hints when bringing a school group
Simple guidelines for theatre attendance
Risk Assessment Guidelines
Public Liability Insurance
Contact us

To make a booking for your school, please complete the online booking forms:

ELC/Primary booking form

Secondary booking form

You will need the following information ready:

  • The total number of children in your group.
  • The total number of teachers attending the performance.
  • Your email address. An email with the invoice will be sent to your school confirming numbers.

If you require further assistance using the form, please call the Box Office on (02) 6275 2700 during business hours.

Payment information

  • Numbers may be changed up until the time of payment. If on the day of the performance you find you have leftover seats, we encourage you to invite other parents and siblings to fill the seats you have paid for.
  • At the time of booking, you will be given a date when your payment becomes due. If you fail to make the payment by the due date, your seats will be forfeited.
  • Make cheques payable to: Canberra Ticketing, PO BOX 226, Civic Square ACT 2608.

Resource materials: Education kits

To enhance the education value of your theatre excursion, we have education kits available to provide background information for most productions along with ideas for classroom and excursion activities. Education kits and resources are available once a 10% deposit has been paid against your group booking. Contact for more information.

Helpful hints when bringing a school group

When you arrive:
Please assemble and make your way into the theatre foyer at either Canberra Theatre or The Playhouse. On arrival, a Canberra Theatre Centre staff member will greet you and direct you to the door where you will enter the theatre. It helps if classes are lined up with the most junior classes first. We like to seat them in front of the older children.

What should students bring with them?
We suggest that children do not bring anything to the theatre with them. There is no drinking or eating permitted in the theatre.

Where can your class have lunch/morning tea?
We suggest that if you plan on having morning tea or lunch that this be packed into a couple of easily transportable containers. Our staff are happy to hold these in the cloakroom during the performance. Civic Square has a small amount of concrete stairs for sitting. In winter this can be quite chilly and we are happy for you to have your morning tea/lunch in the foyer.

Please book your bus to arrive at the theatre 20 to 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance.

Drop off point – currently the best drop off point to Canberra Theatre Centre is on London Circuit in front of Civic Square.

Cars and Parking:
If students coming to the theatre are arriving by private car, we suggest the car parks on either side of Canberra Theatre or The Playhouse. Please bring lots of change as parking is expensive and the parking inspectors are vigilant. Disabled parking is located at the rear of The Link foyer and in both carparks.

Simple guidelines for theatre attendance

We ask teachers bringing students to performances at Canberra Theatre Centre to prepare their students for theatre attendance. Here are a few notes for you to use when discussing theatre etiquette with your students.

  • Eating or drinking is not permitted in the theatre.
  • The theatre is designed for acoustic sound. All sounds from the stage and people in their seats are amplified and can be clearly heard. Audience members sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they cannot be seen and heard. They can! Therefore, please do not talk or whisper during the performance.
  • Please respect the right of all other people who have bought tickets to hear and see the performance. Everybody has the right to enjoy a performance. Please turn off all mobile phones, pagers, watch alarms, cameras or other electronic devices that might cause a disturbance during the production.
  • Laser light pointers are prohibited from the auditorium.
  • Please remain in your seat for the entire performance. Moving in and out of the theatre during the performance disturbs other patrons and the performers and, during the day can let light into the auditorium.
  • The theatre staff have, and will use, the right to ask any member of the audience to leave the performance if that person is disrupting other people’s enjoyment of the show.

We appreciate your assistance in making your visit to the theatre enjoyable for everyone.

Risk Assessment Guidelines

Click here to download the Risk Assessment Guidelines.

For bookings or further information

Canberra Ticketing
Canberra Theatre Centre
P: (02) 6275 2700

Education Officer
Peter Van Rijswik
P: (02) 6243 5700
M: 0424 837 265 (Discovery and Learning Enquiries only. For booking please contact Box Office)