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These tours can be tailored to suit any year group. Our education and technical team will guide you around our three performance venues; the Canberra Theatre, The Playhouse and The Courtyard Studio and, where our programs permit, include a visit to a backstage area. Depending on the activity in the venues, students may have the chance to see part of a rehearsal or watch how our tech team bump in sets and equipment. Students will be able to perform on stage and call the show as a Stage manager, Lighting, Sound Mechanic operator and stage hand.


This is a two-section training program, which provides students in Years 9 and above with an insight into the theatre industry from the perspective of the touring production companies. Students are treated as venue hirers coming to assess the Canberra Theatre Centre with a view towards bringing a show to the venue. Then they put together a short 10-minute piece to perform on the stage, which must include at least one scene change. This program is guided by our Education and Technical Teams.


CTC Education, in partnership with University of Canberra students in the Masters of Teaching program, has developed a STEM Theatre program for secondary Maths, Science and Technology students in the ACT and Region.

The program explores the STEM elements involved in staging a performance and will involve students coming to the theatre to participate in workshops in Lighting, Sound, Mechanics, Stage Management and the overall management of a professional theatre.

STEM Theatre provides teachers with an opportunity to demonstrate to students the transferability of knowledge, skills and learning in a real life environment. It will also provide students with an authentic way to apply their knowledge and skills moving from the theoretical to the practical.

The students will be involved in a range of activities during their 90 minutes in the theatre. They will have access to the lighting, sound and mechanics of the theatre under supervision of professional theatre staff.  Activities will involve:

  • Pre pack of workshop information – glossary of theatre terms, worksheets on weights and measures, light, sound, measuring electricity, simple circuits, the visible spectrum, lenses, WHS information pre workshop – what to bring and what to leave behind.
  • Workshop
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Safety and Security – the ever changing construction site
  • Activities groups – lighting; sound; mechanics; (Costumes, Props, Box Office being developed)
  • Post pack for further involvement at school – use science and mathematical understanding and skills in occupations and how these have influenced the development of practices in areas of human activity.

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