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These tours can be catered to any year group. Our education and technical team will guide you around our three performance venues; the Canberra Theatre, The Playhouse and The Courtyard Studio and, where our programs permit, include a visit to a backstage area. Depending on the activity in the venues, students may have the chance to see part of a rehearsal or watch how our tech team bump in sets and equipment.


This is a two-section training program, which allows students in Years 9 and above an insight into the theatre industry from the perspective of the touring production companies. Students are treated as venue hirers coming to assess the Canberra Theatre Centre with a view towards bringing a show to the venue. Then they put together a short 10-minute piece to perform on the stage, which must include at least one scene change. This program is guided by our Education and Technical Teams.

Contact for more details on either the above programs.