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Canberra Theatre

Canberra Theatre is a proscenium arch theatre seating 1,239 patrons in one raked tier.

Canberra Theatre opened in June 1965 and has since maintained its reputation as the premier performing arts venue in Canberra. Canberra Theatre has traditionally housed major presenting companies such as Bangarra Dance Theatre as well as international acts, popular musicals and family entertainment.

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Canberra Theatre Seating Plan

The Playhouse

The Playhouse seats 614 people on three levels.

The Playhouse design is based on Grecian and Elizabethan architectural principles offering superb sight lines from all three levels while maintaining an intimate atmosphere.

The Playhouse has traditionally housed respected companies such as the Bell Shakespeare Company and is a popular venue for comedy, drama, music and dance.

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Playhouse Seating Plan

The Courtyard Studio

The Courtyard Studio is Canberra Theatre Centre’s boutique, studio performance space that doubles as the perfect venue for rehearsals, entertaining, corporate functions/meetings, exhibition space, and as an intimate performance space.

This versatile space also doubles as an ideal venue for entertaining, corporate functions/meetings and exhibitions. For entertaining, it can seat 100 and has for cocktail parties it has a capacity of 140 people.

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